There is not a time that I can remember when the rhymes, the rhythms, the expressions did not entertain and dance around in my mind, creating, writing and birthing stories and poems. These well choreographed words have escorted me and have produced the musical sound track of my existence. My life’s language has celebrated, congratulated, inspired, healed and lifted my spirit, soul, heart and mind to greater heights preparing me for my journey. May you enjoy my words.

laura irene wayne
The Gift © by L.I.W
It did not come with tinsel,
fancy wrap or bow
but with truth, understanding
a listening ear to woe
the sharing of our lives, our laughter
the close times we spent
the warmth, the support, the sadness
the smiles our hearts sent
rare offerings of friendship, compassion
life’s true pleasures
you, your gifts are forever with me
my memorable treasures

Natures Dance © by L.I.W
The branches of my body glide
whispering the mellow winds of her songs
dancing, rising roots
in search of the soul it longs
nature escorts me
it is the dance I become
my fluttering spirit rising
too the echo of her drum
her rhythm so vibrant, so intoxicating
I surrender to her motherly embrace
my winged body soars the skies
with splendor and with grace
what beauty, what strength carries me
through her heavens and on her earth
while thunder sounds, beckoning
the many wonders of her birth
I rise from her womb
her fireworks light the darken night
while bodies rejoice through dance
as mother and daughter unite.

White Pines © by L.I.W
It is peace I sought 
and peace I found
living amongst your trees
my eyes searched for serenity 
and felt beauty from your breeze
walking your enlightened paths
watching the sun
 dance upon your hair
as your arms of pine and oak
embrace me 
while stopping, standing there

Angels amongst us
Embrace our difficulties
Helping us dance
White cotton candy
It cuddles naked trees
In 30 degrees
I wander slowly
In search of a profound love
But time swallows me
Merged green landscapes
Quiet Hills, mountains rising
Whispering to sky
You are my one heart
Trusting me to move forward
 Courier of peace
Silent silky skies
Run through the green grass of life
Laughing with pure joy
Passionate purple
Surrendering to sweet plum
Rise and kiss my lips
Haikus © by L.I.W
Prosperity Through Art ©