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Welcome! My name is Laura Irene Wayne and here you can get more information on me and my art.  This site includes my portfolio and the services that I offer.  As a freelance artist I am always looking to be part of a new and exciting project.
I am a multimedia artist: a painter, printmaker, poet, graphic artist and writer For the past 30 years I have  exhibited locally, nationally and internationationally. My work has appeared in an on the covers of magazines, books, journals  and newspapers. My work can also be found in private collections in Japan, London, Toronto, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. I am both a prolific and dedicated.artist who has won many  awards in excellence for her work.  My work is voiceful, empowering, spiritual and affirming.
As an Art educator who teaches children and adults. I enjoy nurturing the natural creativity found in children and generating a safe environment for  the them to express it. My extraordinary creativity, experience and dedication as a professional artist and teacher has assisted many in finding their own individual love for Art.
Everyday angels
Walking unnoticed in crowds
Touching our lives

laura irene wayne

Prosperity Through Art © 
Art that speaks to the soul...
Laura Irene Wayne
Painter Printmaker Poet