Girls Got Muscles Too..
You Go Girl!
Send this empowering message to the girl in your life. Let her Know she is strong and can achieve anything! 
In today’s society the development of mental and physical strengths are generally not encouraged in young girls and women. There are even fewer positive images out there depicting or celebrating their power. Everyday more and more young girls and women are struggling with body image, basic human rights and waging a war on eating disorders, fad diets, the media and self-hatred. As females we are discouraged to experience, use or feel our natural physical and mental energies to celebrate ourselves as women and girls.
Multimedia Artist and poet Laura Irene Wayne lived this night mare growing up and decided to do something about it. She created a T-shirt with a powerful message “Girls Got Muscles Too.” Laura uses her artistic and writing abilities to promote acceptance of self, physical fitness and the physical and mental strengths in women and girls. This shirt “Girls Got Muscles Too!” empowers all females and encourages them to celebrate their many strengths. Laura uses the absence of facial features and color to avoid perpetuating stereotypes and to be inclusive of all women and girls from all ethnic backgrounds.
The Girls Got Muscles Too T-shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton, made in the USA. Ash gray shirts have a black graphic image on the front and the poem on the back. 
Available in Youth sizes S (6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16)  $15.00 and adult sizes M, Lg, Xlg, $18.00  XXlg, XXXlg, XXXXlg  $21.00.
Postage and handling:1 shirt add $6.00, 2 shirts add $8.00, 3 shirts add $10.00, 4 or more shirts add 15% of total. Payment check or money order payable to Laura Irene Wayne P.O.Box 972152 Ypsilanti, Mi 48197
 or use PayPal.Me/lauraWayne/ amount    

Girls Got Muscles Too!
Yeah sister go ahead feel my arm
I know what you were taught to think
That girls ain’t got no muscles,
And should only wear pink
But quite the contrary dear sister,
You know what I am saying is true
Just go ahead feel my powerful arm
Yes, Girls Got Muscles Too!
Laura Irene Wayne c. 91 
Peace and Prosperity Through Art ©