Since I was very young I always loved creating with my hands. Eventually I began drawing and painting images stored in  my mind.  I never imagined that my love would eventually   become my profession, and I am so grateful that it happened that way.  I attended  local and out of state  Universities  for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Over time my artistic abilities were expanded into sculpture, painting, design and poetry.  
Since graduating, I worked as a Graphic Designer, Freelance Professional Artist and Art Educator teaching K-12 and college students. I have done Illustrations, murals, bookcovers, furniture as well as T-shirts.  My creative life today continues as a I study, teach and practice my Art. I am in the process of obtaining a certification in Austism Spectrum Disorder and Art Therapy.

Prosperity and Peace 
Through Art © 

Laura Irene Wayne
Painter Printmaker Poet

            © by laura irene wayne